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About Gonzalo Aguilar Delgado

Hi, my name is Gonzalo, and maybe you used some of my software unless you never heard about it. If you paid with your mobile in Europe, more likely in Italy, Greece or Hungary it's possible you used my software. :-)
I normally work for Level2, my own company, in research, consulting and develop software products for the financial institues. But I'm passionate about computers, some say I'm really mad about them.
I'm involved in several open source projects for example:
  1. Apache Thrift - Developing the SSL and pinning stack for the C connector.
  2. Apache Wicket - With several libraries and utilities. Like Hibernate access, and a Morris library interface.
  3. Apache Rave - Now defunct trying to make the principal social application.
  4. Countly - I made a library based on The Gimp that reports back crashes on Glib program written in C.
  5. And lots more.
You can visit my own gitlab repo http://git.level2crm.com/explore/groups or github page for more references.
But I was working in private in something I'm proud of. A loyalty platform where everyone can control their own data and publishers can offer promotions to the users.
Looking at what happens to Facebook and other big players I think this kind of platform is really needed. Where you can still maintain the control of your data but brands can know more about you. This way you can take advantage of what they want to offer while still being private.
So I called it Level2 CLT/VRM (Customer Loyalty Tracking - Vendor Relationship Management). The objective is:
  1. Create a dashboard for customers to see what the brands have about she/he and customize what you want them to have and what does not.
  2. Create a dashboard for brands to se what's going on in their loyalty.
  3. Create an API where customers and brands can manage everything about theyir loyalty.
Never, ever sell data inside platform. A customer requests to get in and a customer selects if a brand x can receive any data from the customer.
The idea is to have all the tools in one place. For customers:
  1. To explore brands, coupons, offers and promotions.
  2. To register and unregister from brands.
  3. To adjust their own data so brands can have the updated data at all times.
For brands:
  1. To explore what customers are doing on what places.
  2. What coupon/promotion is people interested in.
  3. What is people talking about your brand.
  4. What is the detail of specific customer inside the portal.
$0 of $500 per month
I will complete the main dashboard and add functionalities so the rest of functions can be implemented over the dashboard. The idea is to have it as a separate product with latest technologies embedded. It can be used also for other projects.
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