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About Adam Fisher

Hello Patrons!

My name’s Adam, and I’m a nerd obsessed with self improvement. I’m a body-positive strength trainer, and I specialize in the deadlift and bench press. I’ve trained at the world famous Westside Barbell, and I’d love to set world records some day. I've also worked for Stronger By Science, the home of evidence-based strength information on the web, for over two years. Ultimately, I feel like fitness shouldn’t be about what you lose— it’s about what you gain.

I run a blog at Weekly, I'm writing long-form posts about fitness and other important topics like self-improvement, science, and skill mastery.

I also run a Youtube channel called Perfection Project. In it, I talk about anything that comes to mind that's fitness related. Often times, this means that I'm answering your questions about fitness.

Fitocracy called me the Bruce Lee of Barbells. A huge part of my approach is about self-care and being mindful of your daily activities, and I’m a big proponent of meditation as a technique for improving health and performance.

But most of all: I’m tired of fitness being used as a tool to make people feel shitty about themselves.

Fitness saved my life. For my entire life I’ve suffered with anxiety disorders, and when I was 17 I flipped a coin to decide whether or not to attempt suicide. When the coin flip turned out in my favor, I vowed never to look back. I saw a therapist and soon got into exercising and lifting in a huge way. At my heaviest I weighed sixty pounds more than I did when I started lifting, and I loved it. Exercise and lifting weights has been massively empowering for me, and I feel prouder and more comfortable in my body now than I ever have before.

After I graduated college, I became certified as a personal trainer and have since done my best to help others find the same level of empowerment that I found for myself.

Exercise should be about feeling good in your body. Lift more, lift faster, run faster, run further, gain muscle, and above all: move better and have fun. Unfortunately, for so much of the fitness industry, it’s all about losing weight. Get smaller. Lose size. Get weaker. Look better. If that’s your goal, that’s amazing. But the industry as it is tries to force so many people to lose weight rather than focusing on more measurable and meaningful markers of fitness success. In short, exercise should be fun, and we should feel empowered by it rather than drained.

There are not many in the fitness industry who preach this message. In fact, most work on body positivity comes from outside the industry, making it hard for these two spheres to interact. I want to bridge that gap. I want to help change the fitness industry and make it more accessible and understandable to outsiders. I want everyone to be able to enjoy fitness.

This is where you come in.

After three years as a successful trainer, I quit my job because I’m fed up with it. I’m fed up with fitness industry posturing and drama. Instead, I want to change it. I’ll now be going full freelance, which means that your support can give me the ability to support myself and spread my message full time. Weekly, I'm writing blog posts about how to get the most out of your fitness. Each day, I'm posting update videos on my Youtube channel and talking over whatever topics I feel like that day.

All patrons will get a free booklet with a broad overview of my philosophy and a basic workout plan that is customizable to your own needs, as well as access to my Patreon only feed, where I’ll post new articles and resources.

$10 backers get an updated copy of my first book, The UpLift Method, which lays the groundwork for my fitness philosophy. In it, I talk a lot about body-positivity and my own personal struggles.

Backers giving at least $60 per month will be added to my group coaching system in addition to all previous rewards. Once per month, you'll get a set of tailored workouts to take you through that month and then edited as needed from month to month. You’ll also gain access to a basic nutrition plan tailored to you and designed to help you reach your fitness goals. All group coaching clients get one free Skype induction session to talk over your goals and help ensure that you’re getting the best experience possible.

Backers giving at least $125 per month will become one on one coaching clients. One on one coaching clients are given weekly workouts perfectly tailored to them and their goals. In addition to the access to the private Facebook group, the initial induction, and the weekly hangout calls, one on one clients get full 24/7 email support from me, as well as regularly updated nutrition plans and lots of virtual hugs.

Every bit of support you can give me helps my work support others. I’m not trying to just make a quick buck - I’m looking to change the industry forever. I’m eternally thankful for your time and your support. I look forward to seeing what we can accomplish together!

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