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Opens up basic analytics settings & viewing in your guild.

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Opens up image logging settings for your guild.

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About Sema & Navy

GalacticBot is an advanced Discord bot that helps moderate your server, featuring 
- Moderation tools, such as ban, temp ban, mute, kick, and warning.
- Moderation logs, so you can keep track of what each user has for a history.
- Some automation for moderation in the form of automod using modpoints
- Word & link filtering system with invite removal as well
- Chat logging for recording message deletions and edits
- Member logging, including join/leave logs, voice channel joins/leaves and so on

By pledging you support our efforts in creating this bot and help us maintain the hardware to host it on. In return we provide some premium features for your guild of choice, such features include:
- Logging deleted images & video files.
- Activity tracking for your server, see who is most active, both voice & message.
- Server growth analytics (member joins & leaves over time)
- Music (soon)

For more information on the progress & available features, consider joining our Discord server and check out our trello page.

In the event that you want to provide premium for more than 1 guild, contact Navy.gif#1998 on the Discord server for pricing.
$20 of $55 per month
The bot is now self sustaining! The server cost is covered at this point.
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