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About Galactic Gnomads

Hail! We are Galactic Gnomads. We love role playing, science fiction and science fact. We want to create a place where people can explore and laugh with us, as we fumble through the universe of the New Traveller Role Playing Game. With two twists – we’re gnomes, and instead of the Third Imperium, we are part of the Third Consortium, because, why not? Please feel free to contact us. We love talking RPGs, science and fiction. While we are not new to RPGs, we are new to Traveller, so drop some tips and suggestion on us. Sign on with us! See our Facebook page or become a Patron and join our Patron-only Galactic Gnomads Facebook group. It's the best way to communicate with the entire crew! 

Tell your family! Tell your friends! Tell your enemies! And thanks for exploring with us.

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I'm calling this the ‘Friends & Family’ goal. It’s nice a few people we know are listening and donating to the show. Hi mom!
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