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Starr Seeds get access to an exclusive track list from the latest Winter & Spring beat tapes released by Galactic Starr, also get followed by the official Galactic_Starr Twitter & Instagram accounts
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Starr Gazer's  Get followed by the official Galactic Starr instagram & twitter accounts and get access to the full 'Fall into Winter, Spring into Summer' beat tape collection from Jonny Cool as the different tapes come available which consists of 48 seasonally inspired instrumentals. In addition to the beat tape collection StarrGazers also receive exclusive access to new singles as they are released. 
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Galactic Starr's get access to exclusive singles as they become available, including the beat tape collection "Fall into Winter, Spring into Summer". Galactic Starr's also receive a  a physically signed copy of "Eternal Life" by Solomon Starr.




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About Galactic Starr

We are so grateful to our supporters for engaging with the inspiration and motivation our content provides. Without the investment of material energy we could not continue our mission to bring balance to the cosmic order with music, knowledge and unconditional love. Please continue to spread this awesome vibration and reach out regularly to inform us on the content that matters most to you. Love, Peace and Light to all of our supporters!!!

Galactic Starr is a collective of individuals creating a cosmic community through inspirational music, videos, and blogs. Whose aim is to bring a little more happiness, peace and love amidst the chaos going on in the world.
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When Galactic Starr reaches its goal of $500 of monthly support we will begin releasing weekly singles off of the upcoming projects from Jonny Cool & Solomon Starr slated for release this Fall/Winter
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