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About Galen Seilis

Hello Internet,

Welcome to my Patreon profile! Let me explain a little bit about who I am, and what this is all about.

I'm a bioscience technologist and I supported ecotoxicological research as a research technician for a couple of years. Now I am a 4th-year biochemistry and molecular biology student doing an undergraduate thesis looking at how an organism turns its genes on and off. I'm keen to learn, and teach others about STEM topics, and I believe YouTube coupled with Patreon gives me a financially viable way to do these activities together!

The content I produce.
  • I like puzzles, so from time-to-time I will publish a video explaining a puzzle. When I do that, I will generalize or alter the puzzle and leave it as something to contemplate on your own.
  • I get curiosity bugs, where I have a question that must I explore, and some of these questions will become videos explaining the ideas I've delved into.
  • A couple of other ideas are interviews and experiments. I don't have all the tools and skills I want yet, but I would like to include these periodically in the future.
  • Curricula video series: I will pick a subject, and do bite-sized videos that progress through that topic.
  • Themed celebratory videos for hitting goals, where I will thank my patrons for their support. I expect we'll blow through the first few goals faster than I can produce such videos, but the exponential scaling between goals will allow me to catch up!

  • Pledges are per video
  • Support will not be asked for celebratory videos for hitting goals
  • You can cap your support
  • Any level of support is appreciated (likes, shares, useful feedback, $1 pledges, etc)
  • Support generally goes to the following or things like them that support me and my projects:
    • food on the table
    • roof over my head
    • equipment
    • software
    • education and training
    • experimental supplies
    • a PO box so you can send me stuff
    • setup a website
  • Alternatively, you can buy merchandise (when available)
  • Alternatively, you can do either a one-time or monthly donation with with PayPal (when available)

Tier Benefits.
  • How benefits work
  • Tier benefits are generally cumulative
  • The higher the tier, the more exclusive the material accessible to you
  • Benefits promising access to video hangouts will give you at least that, but I reserve the right to hang out anyone more than that if needed or desired

I hope you're having fun learning new things, and I hope to have the opportunity to teach you something interesting in the future!

Thanks for reading,


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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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