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Have a series you want us to cover? Or maybe there's something you just want us to cover sooner? Is there a particular topic you want us to write an editorial about? Gigawatts are eligible to make requests in a suggestion box! And while anyone can make requests to us via any of our comment sections that we'll consider, being a part of this tier guarantees that we'll look at some point! Unless the subject is on our "Blacklist," your request will be added to our shortlist. And when we get around to your topic, we'll dedicate the article, video, or what-have-you to you!

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About Galvanic Team

One of the dictionary definitions of the word “galvanic” is “stimulating; energizing.” That is the idea behind Galvanic – entertainment to get excited about. Our site features tons of written, seasonal reviews on anime, editorial articles, and more. We occasionally produce amusing webcomics, as well. But our main attraction is the webshow, Bulletoon Weekend, in which a pair of cute, funny twins talk about their favorite anime, manga, comics, movies, and more. Support us, and we can continue bringing you the content that you love, and we love to make for you.

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Your donations will help the good people of Galvanic pay for website expenses and opportunities, as well as the services of our extremely talented voice actors and actresses, artists, and so-on. What's more, you'll be helping us bring to life our flagship project, the Web Novel series, Burning Sky.

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The website has worked out great for us, so far. However, we're always looking for ways to improve upon it. And one of those ways would be to update our site plan. Currently the site's run on a premium Wordpress plan. Upon achieving this goal, we can afford to update to a proper Business Plan and unlock a bunch of brand new features that will help us make the site run that much smoother.
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