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We will give you a virtual high five and a hearty slap on the back welcoming you to our community!  You're now part of the kicking off point in a grassroots online crew!
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In addition to the high five and slap on the back, we will give you ad-block forgiveness!  We now how pesky ads can be (Just ask LastAugust.  He absolutely HATES them.)  And considering you're already doing a lot more for us then some blahblahblahs, we should be the ones thanking you instead.  So THANK YOU!  YOU'RE A STEP ABOVE AWESOME!
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With this tier, not only is there a high five, a slap on the back, ad block forgiveness, and of course our eternal gratitude, You will also have access to our discord server, and any multiplayer servers we set up! Our current servers are Minecraft and Ark Survival Evolved Xbox version.   
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Welcome to our Patreon!  Our crew consists of RetroBotKevin (that's me!), LastAugust, Disappointed Dan, Furious Kelson, Professor Becca, and SoapIsEmo.  Come join our community at, where we play games new and old, fun and infuriating!  We try to stream every day from 2-4pm MST, as well as any evening or night that one of us is available.

If you like what we're doing on Twitch, and want to throw us a bone or two, we would be forever grateful!  We'll put that towards making our streams the best we can!  We plan on getting more reward tiers running soon, like a discord, polls, and t-shirts when I can make some designs, as well as getting our YouTube channel up and running. Until then, feel free to add to our online tip jar, and become an invaluable part of an up and coming online crew!
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This will be our first step to GLORY (and AWESOMENESS)!  Once we hit 10 Patrons, we will put up a thank you post showing who the first people were to help make this dream of ours a reality.  These will be the originators who started the ball rolling for us!
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