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is creating Game Boy demakes of games, movies, manga and more.
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  • You will get to see how a demake begins by seeing the first initial sketch I mock out!

  • Vote on what the next game boy project will be! Demake? Remake? or an "Original" project?
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About Game Boy Demakes

Hey there!  I'm 2bitcrook and I make Game Boy demakes, where as the name suggests I take a game and demake it to look like it would have been created for the Game Boy. 

I'm on Patreon to share my demakes and with your money, put it towards each demake in making it bigger and better. The current goal is to hire a musician to provide music with each demake!

Thanks again for visiting my patreon page!
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With this goal achieved I can begin to look to partner with a musician who would produce a couple of tracks to accompany each demake. From Game Boy renditions of songs to original tracks!
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