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Hi, my name is Jason, and I make game development tutorials on Youtube. I love to teach and I love to help people. I cover all topics, from art and sound design, to logic and scripting. I create tutorials for as many game engines as I can, because I believe there is something to learn from each one. Construct, Unity, Godot and more...I've got you covered.

With your support, I will continue making the highest quality videos possible. Thanks so much for visiting me!

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Help Desk Guy
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The help desk guy is cool and knows his stuff, but we have to ask ourselves honestly: Do we really need him to install Microsoft Office for us? I mean, we're game developers. We can handle that.
QA Tester
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QA testers are the backbone of any game dev team. Without them, you'd have to play your own game for hundreds of hours to find those pesky bugs. 
Level Designer
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Level Designers are the first folks to start turning your vision into a living, breathing level. They take your ideas and start to make something out of them.
3D Modeler
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3D artists can make or break your game dev team. Their talent is amazing, and the skill they posses can mean the difference between a game that's visually stunning, or just...bleh.
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Without the programmer, the game strangely won't start. Even though you've got all the art, sound, and levels added to the game, when you export and press play, nothing much happens. 
Lead Game Designer
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The lead game designer is pretty much the boss. The game's quality all comes down to this person, so they must be proficient in every aspect of game development. They're also the person that gets blamed when the game you spent three years making isn't very good.  Huge shoes to fill, but potentially the most rewarding.
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The publisher is the unseen person who is really pulling the strings. This person has all the money to fund the game development process. They just sit back, pay the team, and when the game is released, make all their money back plus profits. It's a win-win for them.

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