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The help desk guy is cool and knows his stuff, but we have to ask ourselves honestly: Do we really need him to install Microsoft Office for us? I mean, we're game developers. We can handle that.
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QA testers are the backbone of any game dev team. Without them, you'd have to play your own game for hundreds of hours to find those pesky bugs. 
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Level Designers are the first folks to start turning your vision into a living, breathing level. They take your ideas and start to make something out of them.




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Hi, my name is Jason, and I make game development tutorials on Youtube. I love to teach and I love to help people. I cover all topics, from art and sound design, to logic and scripting. I create tutorials for as many game engines as I can, because I believe there is something to learn from each one. Construct, Unity, Godot and more...I've got you covered.

With your support, I will continue making the highest quality videos possible. Thanks so much for visiting me!

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