is creating a series on MMO's called "The Endgame"

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Hey there! 
So you're probably wondering why I need a Patreon, huh? Well, it's simple; I want to make videos full time, and bring you better content, more often!

Making these videos for you is something I'd like to be able to do as a full-time job, rather than something I do whenever I have the time.

NOTE: This Patreon is set to charge "Per Video", however you can choose how many times a month you're willing to be charged. 

 - What will you do with this money? -
The primary use for the money will be surviving solely off of the videos I produce, so I can do it full-time. Things such as rent, food, my Adobe subscription (For the software I use to make the videos) etc. If at some point I make more money than I really need to pay my bills, I'll spend that money on new equipment for Videos, potentially hiring editors so I can produce videos more often, and maybe organize events for the community! But of course, all of this depends on how much I can realistically make per month. 

- What videos will you be making with this money? -
I'll be continuing my The Endgame series, where I play MMO's to, or close to Endgame and then review them in full!
The Endgame series takes a lot of work and time, which is why as it stands, just living off of video revenue isn't enough unless each video gets 300-400k, and I can release one a week. 
The goal of these video's is to give you an idea as to what to expect in the game! In The Endgame, I talk about the following subjects:
The History/About the game
The Gameplay
The Story
The Leveling
The PvP
The Endgame
Final Verdict

The money from this Patreon will allow me to get more people on the team, up the production quality, and make more video's every month!

- How often will you release videos? - 
Likely about 2 a month, one Endgame episode every 2 weeks. I know that this is somewhat slow, but with a full-time job, it's about all I can do.
Once I can do this full-time however, I expect to make 3 to 4 endgame episodes a month. When I first started, I made an endgame episode a week, so I'd like to return to that schedule eventually. 

- So, why should I give you money? - 
Well if you support my Patreon, its because you enjoy my content and want me to make more videos, more often. Yes, there are perks, but at the end of the day you're donating for the content. If you're not someone who really wants to see my new videos every week, and support the series, then I can't really recommend you supporting the Patreon, ya'know? 
$5 of $600 per Video
At this point I can do this 100% full-time! Between this, and whatever revenue I get from youtube I will be able to quit my full-time job and focus 100% of my time on this! 

Of course, depending on my Youtube ad revenue, I may be able to go full-time before reaching this goal. if I do, then I'll make sure to let everyone know!

Basically, once I reach this goal I'll able to make 3-4 video's a month, or more! 
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