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About Austin Mackert

Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by my Patreon page. My name is Austin and I create retro gaming playthroughs, live streams and (occasional) reviews on YouTube under the show moniker, "Gameplay and Talk".

I have been creating YouTube videos since 2009 and have been streaming since early 2015. As much fun as I have making and streaming video content, it's a massive time commitment to do what I do on as regular of a basis as I do. Between the practicing required for the games I play, to the actual recording and editing process, to the more menial tasks like dealing with the publishing and social media end of things, it's a serious time sink from start to finish.

If you enjoy my content and have been interested in supporting my channel via more than the usual, "liking, subscribing, commenting and sharing", that you hear YouTubers constantly talk about, consider pitching in via Patreon. Any amount is greatly appreciated and as little as a dollar a month will net you some perks including ad-free videos early in advance, your name featured in my videos as well as the opportunity to participate in Q&A sessions.

Can't pitch in monetarily? No problem! My videos will still appear on YouTube as they always have and so it will continue to be business as usual. Thanks for looking either way and I hope to see you on a future stream or video regardless!

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