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Hello and welcome to the Gamer Meld Patreon! 

Gamer Meld is a YouTube channel and community dedicated to bringing you the latest gaming hardware news, leaks, rumors and reviews.


Until the end of the year, every 3 months of successful patronage, $5 Gamer Meld Patrons (Meld Ambassadors) will get a sweet gift delivered to your door as a thank you for your support.
NOTE: I'm so sorry to my international Patrons, but due to very high shipping costs, I'm unable to sent rewards to anyone outside of the US. I hope this can change soon!

My name is Tripp, and I created and run Gamer Meld. It's been an incredible experience so far. I mean, it's really hard to describe just how amazing it is to post a video and have thousands of you watch, like, comment and just enjoy the content that I make. I could go on and on about how excited I am to do what I do, as well as 

Believe it or not, creating Gamer Meld videos isn't easy. In fact, it's very time consuming, especially since I make them all myself. That means researching, scripting, recording, editing, etc. is all done by me. To top it off, I have a day job. I don't say that to complain, but to inform you why I genuinely need you. I'm completely fine doing it myself, but I'm not able to do much more than I currently am. Remember that I don't just make videos. I try to chat with you when I can, answer emails, reply to comments, research, etc. Between Gamer Meld and my day job, there simply isn't enough hours in the day. That's where you come in...

This will help me pursue Gamer Meld full time, as well as free me up to do so much more with the channel. This will also help me up the production value of the channel. Don't worry. I'll still retain the fun flair I currently have. The ultimate goal is to make Gamer Meld something great. I'd love for it to turn into a thriving community and channel that helps you stay up to date on all things gaming hardware.

Simply put, I want to do more, but I'm just unable to without replacing my current income. Unfortunately, YouTube can be extremely volatile, so what might be a great month one month, could be horrible the next. This makes it really difficult to trust YouTube as a platform to replace my current income. That's where you come in! For as little as $2 a month, you can help ensure Gamer Meld sticks around for years to come. Stay tuned...

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