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About Gamers Bay

Games Bay is a professional eSports organization. Headquartered in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands and was founded in 2016 by Daniel Scott & Lance Jefferson, co-founders of NetGeekz Media.

The event hosts competitions and virtual reality experience unlike any other on island. While the event is still in its early years, organisers and gamers alike said Gamers Bay shows promise for Cayman’s gaming scene. Many believe this event is the beginning of something big for Cayman and its eSports loving residents.

As you can imagine, running a website, media production along with having to handle all these people and produce all this great, content is a lot of work! Beyond all the various fees and costs, we love to pay our hard-working staff some money for their efforts and pay professionals for ongoing development. We want to keep all this going, while adding new features and projects for the entire community!

When you contribute to the cause, you make all this happen. Your support allows us to continue kicking off new projects, keeping the lights on and maintaining a beautiful, clean and ad-free website to hang out on.

“We believe this is one niche that we as a community could conquer. If we remain focused and we continue to specialise in eSports then we can be leaders in the Market.

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