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About Jeremy Parish

Hi, I'm Jeremy Parish, and I've been working in the trenches of the games press since 2003 for sites like and What most interests me about games is their history, and there's really not much place for content about old games on "mainstream" gaming sites. That's what this Patreon campaign is for! 

Along with the Retronauts venture, projects like Game Boy Works and NES Works aim to dig into the history of video games on a granular level: Exploring the broader context of their creation and learning more about the studios behind them. Hopefully you'll agree the depth and substance of my work merits funding!

If you enjoy these video ventures, I hope you'll consider supporting them. Tracking down complete-in-box vintage games costs time and money, and my dream is to be able to be able to pursue these history-centered projects full-time. The Donkey Kong Jr. Math video I've posted here is a perfect example of what I hope to accomplish: In-depth examinations of games, however inconsequential or slight, that capture them in the best possible fidelity, show off their original packaging, and explore the circumstances of their creation in-depth. Thanks for your support!
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I will also produce one monthly patron-only video on an entirely new Works topic. This series will be exclusive to Patreon until the entire series is complete!
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