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About Gamesters Pairofdice

Welcome everyone to the Gamesters Pairofdice: The BEST named podcast in the industry. I am your host DJDJ, and today I am so glad to welcome you all to our Patreon. 

Gamesters Pairofdice is a podcast that stars me (DJDJ), Gabe (Lantern), Fernando (Sourdough), and James. We are a small group of family and high school friends that decided to get together and talk about games we have been playing. We also talk about random information we call our finishing moves at the end of the podcast and we play games on air like “Who am I” and “Name that tune” with a video game theme. The podcast has gone through a few phases and we continue to innovate and grow our show and what it means to produce entertainment. We continue to try new ideas, games, and we even have a courtroom show whenever we feel there is an injustice that needs attention. We love to share our opinions, insults, and laughter with you all and can’t wait for you to join us. 

If you like dumb dumb humor between friends with some talk about games, the games industry, and our relationship with gamers, then our podcast is for you. Give us a chance to grow on you and you will want to support the laughs and dumbness this podcast celebrates.
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Thank you for being a patron! Pledging the Card Games Tier gives you access to the community on patreon, a space dedicated to commenting on the podcast with your fellow community members. Plus you will know your contribution is going towards making the content (or non-content) that you love listening to. Also we will think you are super cool!
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Pledging the Board Games Tier will get you everything from the previous tier plus you will have Patreon exclusive access to extra special non-content from the creation of the show. These episodes will be conversations and behind the scenes peeks into the time before and after we record our episodes when we are most candid. 
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Pledging the Video Games Tier will get you everything from the previous tier plus we will read your name as acknowledgment for your patronage at the end of every podcast we record.  
You will also receive a personal game recommendation from the host of your choosing. Thirdly as a Video Game Tier patron we will attempt the impression/accent  you would like one of our hosts to do while reviewing a game (or for as long as they can hold the impression). Also you will receive our undying gratitude!

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