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Greetings, everyone! I am Rabbit, and I make video game-related content on YouTube. If you’re sitting here reading this, odds are that you decided you want to support me in my ventures to continue creating content for the internet. Wow! Thank you so much!

If you’re new to me and what I do, let’s take a second to get to know each other a little better.

What is "Rabbit Plays Games"?

Rabbit Plays Games is the name of my YouTube channel that I have run for roughly 6 years. Although the content that I produce primarily focuses on blind Let’s Plays and detailed walkthroughs of retro video games, I also create video game reviews, Top 5/10/15 countdowns, Q&As, topical/conversational vlogs, and whatever else magically pops into my mind.

Who Is Rabbit?

That would be me! My real name is Rebekah (and you’re welcome to address me that way if you prefer), but I’ve been lovingly called Rabbit for as long as I can remember. I work in research and education, serving as both a health scientist and researcher. I presently hold a M.S. in Health Science (with a focus in Health Education and an emphasis in research), and at some point I plan to continue onward towards my PhD. In what specific field, I couldn’t tell you--I'm rather passionate about quite a few things!

Why Should I Support You?

My Patreon account was born from the recommendation of some of you who wanted to donate/tip me in an easier way. To be completely transparent, the reality of content creation is that it comes with both a financial and time investment that can be minimized through your support. Advertisement revenue varies considerably for a number of reasons, so your donations through Patreon provide a level of consistency that ultimately helps me curtail the impact of certain expenses (i.e. hardware, equipment, games).

With all of that being said, I do not expect anyone to become a patron. But, if you are feeling generous and want to help out, I truly do appreciate it! Your contribution on any level—even just $1.00 each month—does make a significant difference.

Where Will My Donations Go?

Right back into my channel. As I’ve mentioned already, I have my “big girl job” which pays my bills and allows me to enjoy the things in life that I want to pursue. However, retro games are a little bit expensive, so I am not always in the position to pick up highly requested titles for my viewers. As such, it was recommended to me awhile ago that I allow people to donate, so that I can continue to not only expand my video game collection (which in turn expands the variety of Let’s Plays that I will be able to produce), but to also upgrade all of my equipment and software. Additionally as a sort of distant possibility, if I find myself in the position where my channel becomes somewhat self-sustaining, I can step down from my role as a full-time researcher and move into a part-time position—meaning more time for video games and YouTube!

What Can You Offer in Return?

Sadly, very little (outside of my everlasting gratitude, that is). Given my career duties and job role, I’m a rather busy woman, so I’m unfortunately not in the position to offer as many enticing or interesting perks as others can. However, I can assure you that you will see an increase in my channel’s production value, a wider variety of video games being LPed, and more frequent uploads (provided that I can step down from my full-time scientist role into a part-time one). I do want to note that I only want you to become a patron if you truly enjoy what I do and want to help out directly. My perks may change over time as I become more or less busy with work commitments, so please keep that in mind!

What If I Can't Donate Right Now?

That is completely fine and should not trouble you in the slightest! You taking the time to watch my videos is more than enough for me, so I never want you to feel as though you must contribute monetarily to the channel. This is simply a "tip jar" that is open for you to utilize if you are in the position or have the desire to do so. At no point will my videos ever become inaccessible due to a paywall. All of my content will forever remain free for everyone to view, so please rest assured that I never want your donations to be anything but voluntary.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read all of this! I am excited about the future of Rabbit Plays Games and hope that you’ll stick along with me for the ride!

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