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is creating YouTube Videos
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 Interns are the starting Tier of the Laboratory. They will be watched over. The Interns will be able to view events and study the activity till they are promoted to Junior Researcher. 
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Junior Researchers are defined in this laboratory as the researchers who have been hired to work in the Laboratory.

Possibly Join in videos and help out.

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The Senior Researchers are expected to be mature when dealing with problems, They will once in a while join in a video and help out.
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About Gamma Research

Hello I'm a new Youtuber looking to make people smile, I also love to do acting and attempted to do a series called "Space Jacked". If we reach that goal I can get a better computer and continue it finally.
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Once I can get $2000 I will start Space Jacked back up and continue the Series. Due to me needing a better computer I can't play games like that.
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