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  Donation rewards

  • Donator role on the Gang Beasts Discord,
  •  Unlock the /tts command in #stuff and #incinerator,
  • Access to all VIP channels,
  • Chat access in #loafing,
  • Unlock Go Live in The Lounge and all VIP voice channels,
  • Three custom colour roles - @Orange, @Green, and @Cyan,
  • Your name on #thewall forever,
  • Access to the GBD Test Server.

*Please make sure you read the important points in #donate on the GB Discord.




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Welcome to our Patreon for the Gang Beasts Discord!

This Patreon page is used for people to donate money to the Gang Beasts Discord - So we can host giveaways and buy prizes for tournament winners. In return for donating $1 US dollar or more, you get a bundle of cool features that you can use to your liking on the GBD.

Our Patreon and what not is all good to go - However, we're still wanting to spice things up around here with some cool pictures and stuff, so please disregard the current blandness of the page.

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