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About ganymedes01

I released my first mod on august of 2013. It was actually a set of 3 mods that received way more attention than I ever expected.
I first touched modding on july of that same year and ever since it became a passion. I now have 5 released mods, one I've been meaning to release for a while now and one where I collaborate with 3 other friends called The Erebus.

Maintaining all 7 of those mods is a huge task and considering I've never made a single penny out of any of them (since I've always refused to use, keeping up with all of them is becoming increasingly hard.

The reason I made this page is to offer anyone who ever wanted to support me an opportunity to do so. This year is going to be extremely hard for me money wise, so any money I can get would be of great help. Please don't feel pressured to donate though. Seeing people playing and having fun with the content I create is already extremely rewarding to me.

Thank you for your support :)

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