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Cantrips are still hella useful!!! Know that you made a difference in turning trash into art.
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Learn to harness knowledge! Turn lead into gold!!!!!
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You can officially say that you're a Wizard now! I will show you the problems, that I cannot solve.



About Garnet Dreams

Garnet has been doing art, using recycled materials of one type or another, for over 20 years. With worry about the environment, and what we are doing to the earth as we extract more and more resources, upcycling has turned into a major artistic focus. It has become hard for them not to see the beautiful images in the trash that others pass by as they walk down the street. Garnet tries to make eighty percent or more of their art from waste stream materials.
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I will create a youtube channel about the adventures that I go on gathering materials. You'll get to see me dig through trash, and piles of metal!!
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