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is creating Art, and stories.
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Shout-outs to those who have became contribute.

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You will get one art print from me. 

I designed this art.

Will be printed on a 5x7 photo card.

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About Tatiana Adamopoulos

I'm just a woman with many ideas.
I just want them to come alive.
Your patronage is a pleasure.
I'm on Twitter, Instagram, Vocal, Youtube. (You will get shout-outs there.)
I'm creating a novel and artwork.
Some artwork will be sold exclusively here on Patreon in on my top tiers.

$0 of $120 per null
If I reach this amount, I'll start my project. I would sell it in my Etsy shop. I'll put the link once I reach this goal. You will receive a thank you note.
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