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Hi, I'm Stuart, I like food  

Do you like food? Cool, we should hang out.  Better yet, stop by - a website I started wayyyyy back in the mists of time.   To be more precise, these particular mists of time are 2007.  

This was a confusing time, with next to no online food websites for the Salt Lake City area aside from the mainstream media. This was before Instagram and prior to the arrival of the word foodie.  The Goliath that is Yelp was just a twinkle in a coders eye and smart phones had yet to proliferate in every hand across the country.

Oh how the world changed  

What didn't change, I still love food. And beer, and wine, and more food, and great food products, and, and, and, well I think you get the picture.  For five years or so, I went a little mad and freelanced for the Salt Lake Tribune, preaching the good word about food as a restaurant critic. I've also randomly done similar tasks for other local publications such as Visit Salt Lake and Utah Stories to name just two.   Over the past two years I've wound down all of these freelancing activities to focus squarely on Gastronomic SLC.

The world is still changing

High quality coverage of the food and beverage scene in Salt Lake City is rapidly dwindling.   Print media is now on its last legs; you're as likely to find a wire piece chili recipe or article on fast food hamburgers than you are something about local, amazing food.  I want to make sure that the rapidly evolving food scene is covered accurately and intelligently. I don't want to write about fast food hamburgers. Do you want to read about them? 

Which is where you might want to step in

I'm incredibly fortunate and eternally humbled by the enormity of free food the website affords me.  The website cannot run on mere greed, expanding waistlines and generous chefs though; ultimately we have other hard costs such as business licensing, equipment, software licenses, advertising and on and on. Dull stuff, but dull stuff to be paid for nonetheless.

And more writers. I'd love nothing more than to be able to start paying quality writers, dropping Google ads from our site and making Gastronomic Salt Lake City the defacto source for high quality food news in SLC.  


If you're a reader or fan of our site and want to see it grow, super awesome!  If you're a business that wants to get more involved, cool beans as well.  Either way, your hard earned cash will go to supporting something I love, and hopefully, something you do too.

Please. Don't make me write about fast food hamburgers.

$0 of $150 per month
I'd love to remove annoying and intruding ads from the site.  I'd love to improve the reading experience. If we can hit this monthly goal I'll remove Google generated ads from the site in their entirety.   

This goal just needs sixty of our readers to say: hey, we love what you're doing, lets make it better together.
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