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About Gavin Bonshor (Gavbon)

Hey folks, Gavin (Gavbon) here! Let me tell you a little about who I am and what I do...

My names Gavin Bonshor, I'm 32 and I'm currently back living with my parents while I save up to move out (split with my ex g/f). I have 2 beautiful boys (5 & 8), and my passion for the last decade and beyond is PC hardware, gaming and overclocking. Pushing computer components past their limits is something that excites me, maybe I'm weird? Well, yeah, I am weird! My boys love their technology and my eldest (7 years old) has autism. I'm even currently in the process of being diagnosed with Autism/Aspergers myself, so I know how hard the struggle is. I went through my school life with no support, undiagnosed and as a result, have really bad mental health issues. Despite this, I feel I've done pretty well considering...

I'm currently the motherboard editor for AnandTech ( and in my spare time, I create videos for my two YouTube channels (Play3r TV and Gavbon). I used to own the media website Play3r (, but I relinquished control of the business and the website to focus on my freelance work which, is rewarding, but at the same time, offers little to no job security if work dries up.

So why am I creating a Patreon page?

So I can focus on creating even MORE content without having to worry and struggle financially. It's no secret that unless you're willing to sell your soul, making a living in this industry is hard at the best of times. It would be nice to help supplement my limited income so I can focus on other things such as creating content people want to see, comparisons, guides, deeper analysis etc. The downsides to writing freelance in this industry are that it can sometimes be fast-paced, then slow paced depending on launches and workload. 

I'm not expecting 'hand-outs' and I'm not begging for money, but I do love what I do and everything I do is for the industry. It can be unforgiving, life-consuming and most things go without even a 'thank you', but it's what I love and it's what I do! Any help would be super appreciated and I'm planning on doing a Patreon only insight for subscribers and those more fortunate than me. I have always worked hard for everything I have achieved and I will strive to keep doing that.

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My first goal is to save up enough so I can move out, and furnish a home office for more efficient testing.
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