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I am a learning artist. That means I need money for art supplies and tuition so that I can go to school and get better at art. It also means that I am not qualified to make art a legitimate career at this time, and so I have no way of making more money than an entry level job can give me, and most of that money will be going to gas for my car.

Donating to this patreon will give me some wiggle-room in my spending money so that I can really buckle down and start learning my trade more fully.

NOTE: You do not have to set up a continuous donation. I use this website primarily for long distance contacts to order commissions, and I am willing to set up payment plans that don't require you to pay the full price all at once. You can contact me at "" for details on my commission policy, and how it matches up to the listed rewards on this page.
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Once I reach $100, for one week a month I will open my commissions to free requests from my patrons. The other three weeks in that month will be dedicated to finishing the requested pieces.
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