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Hello and welcome! My page is a little under construction right now as I am reviving it to attempt another go at sharing what I write. 

THE INTENT: To create a bunch of inclusive HEA/HFN (Happily Ever After/Happy For Now) stories with predominantly queer characters set in a single high fantasy world based on several fairy tales, historical epics, etc. to gayify the internet even more thoroughly.

WHAT YOU GET: All actual story updates will be public and free to view. Extras, such as polls, character profiles, un-edited raw script-format scenes, and the like will be patron-only for anyone who pledges $1 or more. 

WHAT ARE YOU CHARGED FOR?: Pledges will be charged their pledge per completed chapter that is posted. These chapters will be once per month. If it will take me longer to get something out for you I am going to do my best to let you know. Please feel free to nudge me with encouragement if I am lagging. Minor updates, like character bios, mini-scenes, artwork, etc. will be free but patron-only to view. So this means that patrons are charged for the once-per-month story updates (which will be public), but are NOT charged for the bonus content (which is patron-only to see and interact with) because I anticipate that stuff being posted far more frequently. 

WHY PLEDGE?: To support the art and the stories and the integration of queer characters in more than just coming-out stories. Your pledge is a donation of support that will allow me to spend more time writing and less time doing my nine other jobs that are not writing. Even if you cannot pledge, though, please follow and enjoy the stories.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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