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Hey there!!
I'm Phill, and I create a webcomic called "A Gay Idiot".
It's just a comic about me and my misadventures in life, love and existential dread! The comic is posted every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I've been posting the comic for almost a year now. It started as a way for me to deal with life in a creative manner, but now I want to share my experiences for anyone who might be bumbling through life as well...

Why Patreon?
Let's face it... life is EXPENSIVE!! And a life in art doesn't make money grow on trees.
Therefore I'm asking support from my readers. I do my comic with paper, pencil and fineliners, therefore I go through A LOT of pencils and paper and art supplies. I also would like to focus mainly on the comic and not have to worry about getting an income through other means. There are also a lot of future projects I'm working on and I want to be able to get a headstart into those avenues.

Even if you can only contribute $1, trust me (and I say this with 100% sincerity), every little bit helps!!

Goals and Future Plans
Oh boy do I have some big ol' plans that I'm working on for you!

I can't go in too much detail at the moment, but the main thing is I'm trying my hand at animation... what this means exactly you''l have to wait and see!
Where I would like to be is at a point where I can be completely dependant on my comic, animation work, art, and convention work. It's gonna take me a long time to get there but I am determined like a dog that just won't let go!!
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First milestone, with this goal reached I'll be able to cover my art supplies, and I won't starve.
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