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Gayish is a weekly, award-nominated LGBT podcast that we produce independently, meaning we research, record, edit, and produce the entire podcast on our own, outside of our full-time jobs. We love it, and we hope you love it, too!

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When we reach $600 per month, we will be able to start production on Shakesqueer, a new podcast that will explore the idea of what life would be like if LGBT+ people had been included in classic literature like the plays of William Shakespeare.  Straight people have had thousands of years of seeing themselves in media.  How different would life be if queer people were included 450 years ago?

The first season will be Romeo & Julian, with plans for more adaptations if all goes well.  Your contributions are vital to creating a high-quality radio drama version of this classic (and super messed up) love story with a queer twist.
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