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About Gayne C. Young

I’m a journalist, writer, blogger, teacher, photographer, and adventurer. I’ve interviewed presidents and celebrities, written about travel, hunting, fishing, and exploration on five continents, created a slew of pulp novels, and taught thousands how to do the same. Every morning finds me writing. Every evening finds me tossing back a few drinks and smoking a cigar all the while editing what I wrote earlier that day.
In short, I’m a modern day Hemingway.
But unlike Papa, I refuse to marry for money.
Not that I’m opposed to the idea mind you.
I’ve just not found a rich one yet willing to support my writing and life of travel and adventure.
That’s where you come in.
Feel free to buy me the aforementioned drink and cigar and I’ll gladly share with you the chaotic melee that is my life.
I’ll also throw in some outstanding blogs, videos, book updates, sample chapters and outlines from upcoming books, and more.
Can’t afford a premium smoke?
No worries.
I’ll take what you offer.
I’m easy like that.
$37 of $300 per month
Ten bucks a day helps cover the costs of pens, printer ink, Advil, beer, cigars, and all the other essentials that this writer needs to crank out quality prose.
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