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I'm a freelance computer support tech with the usual range of interests: Music, Photography, Reading. Who would love to do some Travel Photography around the USA. I've set up this Patreon page for those that wish to help support me for the photography work I do and hope to do in the future.

You can find some of my photography work at 500px, G+, Flickr, Instagram.

With support I can cover living expenses, equipment upgrades, and travel expenses and possibly more.

Want to help, but not become a patron on Patreon, then please visit my Liberapay page instead.

And thank you for any and all support you can provide, I hope to provide better rewards for those that support me as time goes by.

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This rather round number would cover my cost of living, and let me pay off some incurred debts, and give me freedom to spend more time towards photography.
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