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The Baka People are indigenous hunter-gatherers living in the rainforests of the western Congo basin. They have an incredibly rich culture that relies on their rainforest home and were called "The dancers of the Gods" by the Egyptian Pharaohs.

The Baka's dances are not performance pieces, but are to be experienced as a community. They conjure up the forest spirits and hold the communities together through song, rhythm and dance. The forest is integral to their culture and as removing them from their forest home is cultural genocide.

I have been playing music, recording, filming and living with a group of Baka in Cameroon for 27 years. I recently started filming their traditional music and dance in 360º video. I plan to use this material to create a virtual rainforest space where people will be able to experience these songs and dances as if they were in the rainforest. 

I have created this Patreon page to raise the funds to create a space where between 50 and 200 people will be able to come together and experience the Baka songs and dances with fully immersive 360º video and surround sound. This will be in a geodesic dome that can be toured around the country. Together we shall recreate the spirit of the forest and you will see the richness of the Baka's culture and empower them to continue to live freely in their forest home.

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