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About David Hill

I'm David Hill, 33 year old guitar player on a mission.

The short version:

Pay us money so we can grow the Guitar Resource Collective. The Guitar Resource Collective is crowd-sourced guitar learning!

The Long version:

I founded the Guitar Resource Collective after playing the instrument for 10 years. The GRC exists primarily as a FB group for guitarists of all skill levels who can share information in a positive and friendly environment. We sometimes host jam contests and welcome anyone who has information they want to share with the group. 

Guitar has been a lifelong ambition of mine, but several years ago, I realized that I wanted to give back by providing stylistic and technique oriented learning materials for other players. This generally evolved into me realizing that I learn just as much from other players as they learn from me and culminated in the founding of the Guitar Resource Collective.

Thanks & other Housekeeping
Sincerely, if you've taken the time to read through this and give us your consideration, then thank you, you've made me, and the members of the GRC have a better day.
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