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Geek Bomb was established by TV, radio, and online host Maude Garrett way back in 2012 — and in those seven years the site and channel have grown! The home of #PWRD — Playing, Watching, Reading, and Doing — Geek Bomb is all about unleashing your inner geek, letting your pop culture passions explode, and celebrating what gets your nerd heart racing.

Boss Bomb Maude and her hand-selected Bomb Squad deliver original video content and bring you the hottest news in geekdom roll — plus, Maude rolls out series like Fungeons & Flagons (a Dungeons and Dragons-inspired RPG that has two full seasons!) and podcasts like Smaudecast (with fellow former SourceFedNERD host Sam Bashor). She also vlogs all of her incredible adventures around the world and shares her interview with celebrities like the stars of Captain MarvelStar Wars: The Last Jedi, Black Panther, and more.

Geek Bomb now boast contributors from around the world, regularly writing scripts, running our social pages and website, designing up a storm, and keeping it all a smooth running machine.

Geek Bomb is all about celebrating how kickass it is to be a geek. Join us, and let your geek flag fly!

Website: Editor, security, and domain hosting per month. 
Geek Bomb Coordinator: Patreon managing, social media, and assisting.
YouTube Channel: Editor
Patreon Tier Costs: Punderwear, photo shoots, and signage. 
Business Costs: Tax, marketing, and coaching.

MINIMUM COSTS to keep GB running: $2,250 USD PER MONTH. 
LIKELY COSTS to keep GB running: $4,400 USD PER MONTH. 

As a frame of reference, Fungeons & Flagons costs $12,000 USD per one 10-episode season. 

The majority of the money we receive gets put back into the business (Maude pays $100 USD per week for an office space). Funds graciously given by our Bomber Backers (that could be you!)  goes to paying the contributors, buying equipment, and expanding and making more content.

It takes a lot of people and money to keep Geek Bomb going, so every cent is appreciated! Thanks for being a Bomber Backer, a.k.a. BB! 

P.O. BOX 1965
Studio City, CA
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LIGHT THE FUSE: I'm happy to be here!
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  • Let you help bring something beautiful to life
  • Ideal for those who don't have much to give, but are glad to help! 
BOMBERS UNITE: Part of the team!
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  • Access to our BRAND NEW patron-exclusive Discord server - Unlocks INITIATIVE role on Discord!
  • Join us for community discussions for all things Playing, Watching & Reading! 
  • Get involved with BOOK CLUB discussions
  • Regularly interact with Maude Garrett and the Squad, get announcements FIRST, get insight into all things Geek Bomb not discussed anywhere else! 
  • Provide direct feedback on Geek Bomb content
  • Questions prioritized for Smaudecast and QnA’s on YouTube
  • Access to REGULAR patron-only content and posts
  • Connect with other patrons
Includes Discord rewards
EXPLODING EARLY : Early access!
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  • GET O.C. SERIES VIDS BEFORE THE PUBLIC! See Smaudecast and Fungeons & Flagons minimum a day early! 
  • Get More Maudie Vids minimum a day early! 
  • Discord privileges; unlock's ADEPT role in Discord! 
  • NEW - Access to the Geek Bomb BOOK CLUB voice channel for Monthly chats! 
  • PLUS all of the lower tier perks! 

Includes Discord rewards
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  • PATREON ONLY Hi-Res images (digital) from all photo shoots each month! Guaranteed 3 EXCLUSIVE pics not shared anywhere else! 
  • Discord Unlocks the WARDEN role! 
  • Geek Bomb will follow you on either Twitter or Instagram! 
  • PLUS all of the lower tier perks! 
Includes Discord rewards
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  • Welcome pack - a Punderwear Tee or mug of your choice!
  • SECRET Instagram access with behind-the-scenes adventures from Maude Garrett and the Squad
  • Includes LIVE vids, likes on pics, exclusive photos not posted where else! 
  • Pokemon Go! friend add from Maude Garrett herself! 
  • Discord privileges unlocks the SAGE role!  Grants access to your own exclusive voice and text chat channels
  • PLUS all of the lower tier perks! 
Includes Discord rewards
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You'll get:


  • PUNderwear tee or mug of your choice every 6 months! 
  • Care packages every 3 months! Signed Postcards & GB stationary/goodies. Note - this perk will be changing 2020! 
  • Written shout outs in Original Content video series’ descriptions thanking you for helping make our content possible! GO YOU! 
  • Discord unlocks the GUARDIAN role! Exclusive voice streams and interactions with Maude & the Bomb Squad.
Includes Discord rewards
243 of 300 patrons
This is what we roughly need to keep Geek Bomb running day-to-day! 
  • Run social media (Instagram, Twitter, FB)
  • Provide trending & breaking news in our feeds
  • Make unique social media content
  • Make unique video content (news, geeky opinion vids, listicles)
  • Make fun graphics
  • Run Punderwear
  • Geek Bomb PAYS our contributors! We have a VIDEO CONTENT MANAGER, a SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER, CONTENT CREATORS, COMMUNITY CO-ORDINATORS... and it all adds up. If we don't make a particular amount each month, we have to let go of contributors which is not ideal at all! 
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