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is creating podcasts about the places fandoms overlap.
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About Jordan Ferguson and Caitlin MacKinnon

Hi! We're Caitlin and Jordan, and we make the Geekdown Podcast!

The Geekdown is a show that not only looks at news from the worlds of pop culture and science through a feminist and socially just lens (yeah, we're one of those shows), it also tries to find the spots where nerds who like different things can find some common ground.

How did this happen?

Sometime in 2014, the Doctor Who relaunch hit Canadian Netflix. To that point Jordan's only familiarity with the show was a vague recollection of being terrified as a child when that creepy theme music started playing after Polka Dot Door ended on TVOntario. But with the 2009 reboot, and especially David Tennant’s turn as the Tenth Doctor, the show became a sort of phenomenon in Jordan's circle of friends, specifically with young women he knew who never expressed any tendency to nerdery before. So he made an effort to check it out.

And he hated it.

He could spot the reasons why he hated it (the camp, the mugging, the threadbare special effects), but every so often he saw what others saw in it: when the Ninth Doctor went H.A.M. on The Last Dalek in the Universe he thought he was all in. By the time the Tenth Doctor was fighting werewolves with Queen Victoria the next season, he was throwing up his hands. And he was troubled by what he seemed to be missing. Of course no one has to like everything, but this was something of “his people,” and he felt lacking because he couldn’t get over whatever was keeping him from just enjoying it. It couldn’t be the space travel, he loved Star Trek: TNG. It couldn’t be the time travel, he loved Back to the Future as much as any eighties baby. Was it the Britishness? Jordan grew up loving American superheroes and Japanese anime, did his fandom fall along nationalist lines? He took these concerns to his friend Caitlin, one of the aforementioned young women who loved Doctor Who, from well before its 21st Century reboot. They never really reached an answer, but Jordan never stopped thinking about this idea that he and Caitlin were both nerds/geeks/dorks, but in completely different ways. Surely their fandoms had to overlap somewhere?

And that’s when Geekdown was born. Every Tuesday, Jord and Cait bring each other things from their various areas of interest, things the other likely wouldn’t check out, and talk about whether they liked it, and why or why not, as they try to find the sweet spots where fandoms intersect. And as they find new things to love, maybe you will as well!

Having built a small but dedicated audience and having proven to themselves they could do it consistently (over 80 weekly episodes over 150 weekly episodes) they started to think about how the show could grow, and what it would take to do that, and if there was a way for the people who listen to the show to help develop that growth, they had to try, because they love this show and the folks who listen that much. Sometimes you have to take a gamble on yourself, right?

So what would the money go to?

  • Soundcloud hosting. Ensuring that come June 2017, we don't run the risk of losing any of the content we've already made up until now.
  • A mixer. We've never had a guest on the show not because we don't want to, we just can't accommodate one with our current setup of two mics and a laptop. A simple mixer would not only improve the overall sound quality of the show, but it would be easier to add extra mics for guests and interviews.
  • Transportation. People often comment on how they love our dynamic, and the simple reason the show has that energy is because we're both in the room when we record. We pride ourselves on not having to rely on Skype or Google hangouts to make the show, but keeping us in the same room involves Caitlin making an almost two-hour commute from Hamilton to Toronto every week. 
  • A chair for Caitlin. Look at that video. This isn't a joke. She basically sits on a fabric-covered milkcrate for hours at a time (Her and Jordan do switch, he's not a monster).

These goals are, admittedly, modest. But as regular listeners of the show have no doubt discerned, we are not...."wealthy." We could probably eventually meet these goals on our own, and frankly our WASP-y guilt screams at us pretty relentlessly to suffer in silence carry it alone. But we believe in what we do, we believe it brings a small bit of good and fun into the world and the lives of our listeners. We just want the opportunity for the show to become what we both think it can be.

However much you feel you can support, even if it's $1 a month, even if it's a rate and review on Apple Podcasts, all of it helps us grow the show, and we are more grateful for it than you'll ever know.
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Things your patronage will contribute to:

  • Souncloud hosting for the year (DONE!)
  • An audio mixer (DONE!)
  • Transportation costs
  • A chair for Caitlin (DONE!)
  • More mics for guest interviews

See the campaign description for full details behind the decisions that went into the goals, and what we have planned for them.

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