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About Geek Level Asian

Hi there!

My name is Robbie and thank you for visiting me on Patreon!  I have a Youtube Channel called Geek Level Asian where I do reviews on movies, comic books, tv shows, & many other things that fit under a "Geeky" category.  My favorite subjects are, Power Rangers, Sentai, Voltron, Star Wars, Anime, and many other 80's/90's Shows & Movies.

Your support is always welcomed and appreciated :)
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Ultrazord Unboxing
I would love to do an Ultrazord Unboxing:
  • Soul of CHOGOKIN GX-78 Dragonzord
  • Soul of CHOGOKIN GX-72 Megazord.
  • Soul of CHOGOKIN GX-85 Titanus
This collection is a little expensive for me to buy all myself so if I hit this goal, I can buy all of the items!
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