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Hello, little string! Oh, now, don’t give me that face! Just because you’re a string, it doesn’t mean you arent worthwhile! My yarn is made of many strings and fibers twisted together to make itself strong. That’s what you are: yes, a small piece individually, but grouped together, you are strong and the basis on which I work. 

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Oh, thread. You hold things together when I sew. Without you, nothing would be joined together. I’d only have segments that wish to be whole pieces. 

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The lovely skein! You are so wonderful, do you know that? Big and squishy and soft and grand, full of color and wound in a nice, neat ball. I couldn’t do anything without you, else I’d be seen trying desperately to untangle strands that have once again somehow gotten all twisted up. You give me order and stability in the chaos. 

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About geekreate

Hi, I'm Michaela! I'm 24, pansexual demiromantic, autistic, and nonbinary (but she/her pronouns work; it's easier and doesn't bother me). I'm a streamer on Twitch!

First and foremost I want to say thank you. Even if you can't become a patron right now, thank you for checking out this page and my works. Just being seen means a lot to me. And if you are becoming/are already a patron, thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Your support is critical to my ability to keep creating, not having to be stressed out about spending time on my creations. Even $1 a month is a $1 I don't have to stress over and does matter.
All of you, patrons and fans, are incredibly valuable to me in that I cherish all of you deeply.

Now, a little more detail about what I'm doing here. You will mostly find me streaming Overwatch, Stardew Valley, League of Legends, and various single player RPGs. I also do creative streams of my crochet and cosplay prop-making.

Representation in the video game world is important.
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$50 would help immensely with the internet bill each month. Maybe I could get better equipment, too!
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