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This one I am leaving as one dollar or more. I am going to leave it that way because some might be wanting to put in a certain amount without going overboard with the tiers that I have created. With this one, pledge as much as you want. You will not always be forced to using the other tiers I have created.
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Hi, and welcome to my Patreon page. 

So, what exactly do I do?

I have been running a blog since early 2017. My intentions also are to create a podcast very soon and continue a YouTube channel I have been running since early 2013. The focuses are on video games, film, television, and sports blogs, but I can also talk about some personal experiences in the blog as well. That's what the podcast will be similar to once I get it running and planned out. YouTube is where I upload various games from various consoles. My goals are typically three videos a week, but things could change to where there can be none or one to two during a week. That one I may not always have time to upload videos.

Enough about what I do, What is Patreon?

Patreon is essentially a site where one can pledge as much as they want to a person that they like because of the content that they create. Do note that I am not forcing you to pledge to me. If you feel very comfortable about pledging here, then you can go right ahead with it, whether it be one dollar, five, or even ten dollars. If you don't want to, I am completely okay with that. I am not planning on leaving content behind a paywall. 

Why Patreon, though?

I am not comfortable with YouTube following a number of Content ID's that have mostly been bogus claims. Also, I believe I am comfortable with starting to share more of my blog and start growing a group/fanbase with the podcast idea. 

I am looking to Patreon in hopes of support and interacting with the people that pledge with some personal thoughts (Might consider these rewards) about my favorite titles, what systems I have played, and possibly a few other things. The same can be said for the blogs and podcasts. I am a very small individual, but I hope to give people some great content in this big world of entertainment. 

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