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Patreons will get a change to put in a request of who I should draw. This then will make it to the next video.
**There may be a cue, so please be paitient for your turn.

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Join me on the show for some tea! Wherever you may be, you'll feature on the show as my guest.
Selected Patreon will get to watch my lastest drawing first hand, while holding a conversation with me - which will then be featured on the show for everyoen to watch and hear.




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Hey Fam,

I'm Raven member of The Cyber Nerds; YouTube NextUp 2019 Winner. Retired teacher now living in the Art, Comics, Games, Movies & Star Wars realm.
Content creator of the Nerds and Sensei of the People; I'm here to teach you how to draw your favourite characters the easiest way possible.

Why be my Patreon?

Being part of TCN has broaden my vision and understanding in both delivering good content and doing what I love (hence why quiting my teaching job).
Art has been with me since my early Nerdy days and it's something I am fully passioned about, so now I am also producing art content for not only the nerds but for those who would also like to explore their artistic ways but never found a buddy to share their world.

I spend a great amount of time editing leaving little time for making money on the side; this is where you come in!
Every single donation that I receive will go toward improving my content. Your pledges and donations help me to cover the cost of running a channel: purchasing video equipment, helping with production costs, advertising, and more - your support means that I can push my content further and make more and more and that means, together WE can connect with more people every single day.

I strive to continuously improve my content, and Patreon really helps me to do that! Improving the look, production level and efficiency of the channel. But, most importantly, Patreon allows me to increase the amount of time that I can spend recording, allowing me to make more of the videos you love.

What I do on my channel?

Art Live Streams
A open live conversation with my community the things that we are most passionate about over ART!

Sensei's Way
Nerd conversation over pencil and paper. I draw popular characters with a mix of my views.. 
PATREONS ALSO GET TO PICK WHO I DRAW** check the right tiers

My live stream uploads; from highlights to guides, the fun never ends!

Here on Patreon, I give back to those who support my channel by giving you the power to contribute to the content I create. I am all about my Patreons; send me your questions, views, or comments and they will always get answered. 

Last but not least, whether you are here or either one of my channels, thank you!
Just taking  time out of your day to watch my content and take enjoyment, education or just hanging out with me and the rest of the fam - I am blessed and honoured to have you.
Just your viewership and sub helps my channel, so once again thank you!

If you're unable to contribute financially that is fine and I totallly understand. Your participation as a viewer and commenter is more than enough and you are still part of the fam.

If you're able to join you are directly contributing to the channel and helping me to keep this going. There are no words to express how much this means to me and others who enjoy the videos. Not only does it allow me to create all this monthly content on an ongoing basis, but it also inches me closer to being able to hire other creative people to help with editing, graphics and other talents to increase the quality of my videos. You are not just watching me, you are helping shape the peoples content!

Regardless of if you're donating or not, I thank you for taking the time to check out my page.

The GS

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