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The Geek Fource Podcast is a quartet of geeks joining to discuss their interests, desires, and whims.  Our podcast is like sitting around talking with your buds about all the geek stuff you like.  We make this show for our fans and we love to hear from them.  As a patron you can become a part of the show and talk with the hosts and give your takes and ideas on what you're thinking about.  We've come to Patreon hoping to bring together a diverse community of geeks. With your donations, we can improve the quality of our ongoing projects and create a variety of new ventures.

A big thank you to those who've been following us to this phase! Payment isn't mandatory to continue enjoying the ongoing content we have available, but any donation is greatly appreciated and opens up a bevy of rewards.).


Pledge $1 or more per month:
Access to the Geek Warriors Facebook group! Talk with the hosts, ask for show topics, or just weigh in on whats going on in the geek world.  You have inside access and you are part of the show.  (Chat; breaking news; influential polls; sneak peaks; etc.)

Pledge $5 or more per month:
Access to  Quickcasts!
Fancast Cast: Fancasting characters from geekdom!  Who should play (blank)?  We'll throw out ideas and you pick the winner!   (All Hosts)
Plus special podcasts selected by hosts.  Maybe Velma drops another Daclus journal or a quality review?  Maybe Ben and Noah do a one off Die Hard episode?  Maybe Ben talks pro wrestling or Disney stuff in a venue where he doesn't bother anyone.  Anything can and will happen!
+All previous rewards!

Pledge $10 or more per month:
Access to movie commentaries!    The hosts will provide alternative commentary tracks for you to enjoy.  Your favorite movie gets a dose of Geek Fource! 
Guest host a podcast of your choice!  Once a month you can hop the cast with the crew to give your views on the world of geekdom. 
+All previous rewards!

Pledge $20 or more per month:
You're a producer! Join our Geek Wars Podcast Network Facebook group and become part of our inner workings!  Suggest new shows or be a host yourself!  Want to make Ben do a solo podcast where he sings Sinatra songs in silly voices?  You can!  (disclaimer: Ken is no one's puppet)
+All previous rewards!

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