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is creating art, comedy, animation, and gameplay.
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About Geeky Fanatic

The channel Geeky Fanatic, in all its glory, is a weird compilation of art, crack series, occasional music videos, funny game-plays, rare reviews, and "animation" videos.

Here, we embrace our weirdness, because why the frag not? We also endure terrible humor, which was brought to you from the empty, lion-infested pits of South Africa. (No, lions don't roam the streets - I wish.)
Welcome and please do get corrupted.

Sincerely, Geeky Fanatic, a.k.a Another Mad Ginger
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Well, firstly, I will absolutely love you guys and would be gaping at my screen in disbelief, but I would also make a thank you animation video. This goal is pretty much just here because Patreon asked me to make one, so....

I don't know what to tell you.
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