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About Geminess (TwinRams Core Gaming Aka DCUOcrisiscore)

Did you know there will be 8 NEW legends characters that will be added to the Legends roster for this coming year??

-Blue Lantern Kyle Rayner
- Guy Gardner
- Green Arrow
- Deathstroke
- Flash
- Shazam
- Black Adam
- Gorilla Grodd

Hey this is Gemi (Geminess) 
I run the youtube channel that houses the DCUO Legends Spotlights. 
Which one of (Wonder Woman spotlight) was nominated in soelive 2014 for best guide. 

These spotlights were created to assist DCUO players make educated purchases with hard earned marks or cash by displaying a run though of the movement, weapons choice, and skills of each character.

Because of the fervent love and positive feedback from the DCUO community for our spotlights videos, We have decided to try this (patreon) method of keeping the Legends Spotlights ALIVE despite our announced retirement. 

So, thank you for your active support and I hope to see the new legends character on our channel for everyone to enjoy.
$48 of $50 per Each Legends Spotlight
Reaching this goal will allow us to access the test server and just in case the character is a market place buy will ensure we are able to cover that as well (anything else will cover the patreon transaction fees)
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