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As many of you know, I run a wellness and motivation blog called wits-and-will. I also make short stories and write articles about life, Lost traditions, and world issues. With a background working in news media, My voice is a little different as I often discuss things from a brutal skeptic perspective. Additionally, I add Material from people dead or alive to see things differently!

Adsense income fluctuates dramatically which can be quite unnerving and Patreon is that extra support that keeps food on the table, the lights on and the rent paid. Additionally, with blog posts, often the Audience and sometimes google algorithms will claim my work is plagiary (irrespective of the due credit I give and the mentions of the things that inspired me) and effectively takes any funds I would make from the Blog as a whole. Beyond that, there are so many things I would love to do with the Blog and your support will help us get there.

WHAT DO I WANT FOR THE BLOG?The quantity of work and the frequency of post has suffered for a while on the website. With many technical and maintenance aspects, research, aesthetic planning responsibilities and not enough time, I alone can only afford so much effort per post. The website needs a full-time editor(s) so we can have:
  • More production value in every post (Posts, Interviews, podcasts, all that good stuff)
  • More Cultural,Regional and Philosophical Research material
  • Podcasts!
  • Live streams!
  • Stylized vlogs 
  • Regular output of Fiction, Essays and Poetry

DEADLINE?Until certain financial goals are met, I will still be splitting my time between creating and editing. It can take time to reach these goals and updates will be posted on the Patreon exclusive feed.


I understand that not everyone who wants to contribute can. Please know that I'm thankful just to have you part of Wits and will! Just by reading, subscribing, liking, commenting and sharing all the times that you have and hopefully still will, you are doing me the greatest honor already and giving this Website a great deal of support. Can't thank you enough!

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Hire a technical support and SEO team, to focus my attention on purely creative and aesthetic aspects of the work.
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