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As my first tier, I thought to start out would be a great idea if I made a motivational sale. (Not needed that much...)
Thanks in advance in helping me raise my motivation and confidence, even if it's only 1 dollar per month! It shows me you care so much about me and/or my skills and I REALLY appreciate it! It's more of the thought that counts! The more of these feelings raise, the more art and videos will be given to you to watch! ^_^

The Catch!
  • If you become a Patron/join the tier, I'll also add you in the credits of my videos AND the descriptions of my artwork as a shout-out special thanks!
  • If you have a Patreon, I'll also share it around to let others know about you!

(^ o ^)~Thanks in advance!!




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Hi everynyan~! (^ o ^)/"
My name is Genbento! I am an animator and manga artist/hobbyist!
I plan on improving these skills of mine to continue these dreams of becoming those two which I want to use in the future but, I need your help for me to keep being motivated and inspired! Due to the lack of motivation I had in the past, I am not as good as I should be by now...and so, I thought of joining this site to not just earn money but to learn and get motivated by you all as well!

Sites I focus on more:
-Youtube: This is where you can watch my videos! My Youtube will contain various of different types of videos such as: MMD animations, Vlogs, games and much more!
-Facebook Page: My Facebook Page will contain certain drawings uploaded onto Facebook! Most of it will be just news about where I have uploaded my new art though...
-DeviantArt: This will be my main site I'll be using to upload all of my art!
(And more links on the profile which leads to my other sites that isn't shown here!)
-Pixiv: I JUST started upload art on here but, the art I'll upload on here will be ONLY the ones that I find are the best art! If I draw something I'm VERY proud of, I'll upload it!
-Tumblr: The original plan was to post art but, posting images has been tricky so I've mostly shared other people's art instead. Once in a while I may be lucky to upload art and photography but, mostly digital music--which I just started out with!
-Twitter: I will upload art more than I planned beforehand! I mean...originally I've been mostly just posting game screenshots and sharing other people's posts but art will show up more than before! (I did upload some before but, there will be more now!) I will also share other people's posts/art just as much too!
TWITTER NOTE: My Twitter is focused on the Japanese language. So, you'll see me post other people's art/posts that MAY be just in Japanese. Some of my art though, I plan to have both Japanese and English in it. ^_^

Thanks in advance for supporting me and my family as well!!
I've been planning on supporting my family by using my skills along with my new (casual) job! I will support my family until I have enough to move out. (Gotta make the best of my time and heart with my family until then~!) I also plan on getting better software programs, a tablet to draw digitally, more art materials and a better computer!

This is also my first time doing this too so, thank you VERY much for your support!! Even viewing this counts as your support!

Have a great day and beyond~<3
Sincerely, Genbento
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Current Goal
Just to start out my goal, I hope to get 100 Patrons for now! But eventually afterwards, I'll start planning on changing my goal to more of an Earning type of goal to help you, me & my family in many ways!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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