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is creating podcasts and other material about genealogy
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About George G. Morgan and Drew Smith

Since 2005 the Genealogy Guys (George and Drew) have been entertaining and educating the genealogical community with our podcasts. We've produced over 300 hours of audio content, including genealogical news, listener email, book and software reviews, interviews, and whatever else genealogical is on the mind of the Guys.

Although we have commercial sponsors to help defray the costs of hosting and equipment, we would like to create even more content and reach a larger audience. We love our listeners, and we hope that our Patrons will support our efforts to take our podcasts to the next level.
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The Genealogy Guys Podcast needs a new logo.  We'd like to put our logo need out for bid.  Once we have a new logo, we can make it available for t-shirts or polo shirts or mugs for our listeners!
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