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is creating family and personal stories of yesterday and today for tomorrow
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Get your feet wet and see what Genealogy Journaling is all about.  With this tier you will receive Patreon only journal flip through of my past and present journals,  writing prompts for telling your stories (both past and present) and other random blog posts to help you write your past and present stories. 
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Ready to get more than just your feet wet?  With this tier you will receive everything from tier 1 and any printables I create that I use in my own research and writing. I will also be providing regular time lapse "journal with me video's" so you can see what I'm working on and how I'm doing it. I will also be providing early release notifications for challenges, contests, journal releases and anything else I do.  
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Dive right in and receive everything I am offering.  Tier 1 and 2 are included along with real time journal with me video, personal history research and story shares, YouTube video previews and other exclusive content. 




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About Genealogy Journaling

Hello and welcome to Genealogy Journaling!

Thank you for your interest in Genealogy Journaling!  Having a group of people interested in the same topic is fantastic and very motivational. 

There are a couple parts to Genealogy Journaling, my hope is you will be interested in one or the other or both and join me on this adventure.  My ultimate goal is to help you not only discover your past but be encouraged and motivated to document both your past and your present.

Part 1 – Writing the Past
I began my genealogical adventure on New Years Day 2017 with very little information to go on. Within a short time, I became overwhelmed, frustrated, and confused not to mention broke from registering on all the various sites to obtain information. The frustration was in the fact that not a single person on either side of my family, anywhere in any of the lines wrote down anything.
Some of the research has been easy but all I have in the end are names and dates which is boring if you want to tell a story. That is where my idea of Genealogy Journaling began. We will work through a plethora of ideas to help you tell your families story.

Part 2 – Writing the Present
I’ve never been a “journaler” or a dear diary person. After experiencing the lack of stories and information from my ancestors it became clear to me that no matter what my story is, I need to tell it. That doesn’t mean I have to write down everything I do every day, but I need to document my adventures through life.

Through Patreon I will share videos and blog posts about my adventures, ideas on writing your past and present, and ideas for presenting your stories.  There will be contests and challenges throughout the year to help motivate us and reviews of resources.  

There is also a blog and a Facebook group to complement this Patreon site.

Let’s get creative in telling our stories for the future.

Everyone has a story; every story needs to be told.
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Reaching $500 a month will allow me to reduce hours at "my day job" thereby allowing me more time to spend working with everyone interested in Genealogy Journaling.  It will also allow me to take some professional genealogy classes and donate to Wounded Warriors or a similar association.
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