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- Have your name as one of the nameable characters in a game General Thoog plays, the order in which you appear, in game, will be the order in which I received your Patreon pledge
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- Rank up in Twitch chat as a "Regular," which has more permissions and leniency such as link posts, less spam filter, etc.

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 -Entry to win a raffle for a monthly prize made by Thoog's Crew which will be game related merchandise and accessories such as:

  • Amigurumi doll 
  • Keychains
  • Jewelry
  • And more!
(The entry to the raffle is exclusively for Captain and Colonel ranks, and is not included with the pledge of other ranks) 
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- Entered twice into our monthly raffle 
Many thanks with much appreciation!
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Monthly prize from our selected collection of merchandise made by Thoog's Crew 

All of the thanks and all of the appreciation! 




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About General Thoog

What's there to say? My name's Casey - you may call me such or by my alias General Thoog, a name I acquired and proudly held through years of gaming.

There are two reasons for the creation of this Patreon page:
1) Promotion and support of my content via twitch, my rewards, etc.
2) To have a place where those who choose to support me, have the ability to voice their opinions, give feedback, and communicate with me directly

How rewards work:
If you sign up to contribute today, you will be able to access the activity feed and all posted rewards at your tier right away. If you have any questions, post them to the activity feed. Thank you!
$0 of $600 per month
Full-time content production!

If or when this goal is met I will be able to stream much longer and be much more accessible anytime of the day, the schedule will become permanently more consistent and I will devote myself whole-heartedly with every fiber of my being and who I am - to those kind enough to help me reach my goal and achieve my dream of self employed content production.
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