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SOL 3 Resistance Fighter
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Generation TECHers you're our only hope!

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About Generation Tech

HELP US GENERATION TECHers YOU'RE OUR ONLY HOPE (Sorry if the picture has scarred you for life)

We love making YouTube videos but recently because of the advertising boycott on YouTube we've lost a significant amount of revenue. Any videos we've done that feature violence, war or politics have received significant advertising censorship and revenue loss of up to 75-90%. Videos like our Star Wars vs Earth Series and our Zombie Series have both been hit pretty hard. 

Because of YouTube's policy changes and advertising censorship we're afraid what the future will hold for our channel. SO we're asking you guys to help fund us so we can make content without having to worry about ad executives stomping down us. With your help we can continue growing this channel.


$85 of $500 per Video
We will begin a series of short documentaries on the real locations on Earth that were used in movies like Star Wars!
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