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And that's it guys. Just 1 dollar or more. I don't want to give anyone anything for free that others can't have. If you want to support me, but can't. I understand.



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Ladies and gentlemen, my name is PAUL HEYMAN. And my client, Andre Oliver wants to tell you about his patreon campaign.

Hello people. My name is Andre, a filmmaker, photographer, asshole and a lifelong fan of Professional Wrestling and anything associated with it. Yup, that means I watch Total Divas too.

What type of content do you make?
A majority of my content discusses film and TV. I review, discuss, and analyze movies. I have a side project where I discuss and analyze pro wrestling. Here are a couple examples of the content I make.

You have a podcast too, right? (Currently on hiatus)

How often will you post a video?
I post videos of my main channel at least once a week. Maybe more depending on what big movie or wrestling news is taking place.
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