is creating Minecraft hosting, pack, and storytelling
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Driving me onwards
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You will be kicking my butt!

I'll make a Discord server where you have a special role. 

I'll make a statue for you in a special place in my base too. Thank you!  

If you have me as a friend on Facebook, then you also get the right to kick my arse if I am getting behind. Nice! 

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You could design an NPC to fit into the narrative - name, race, job, looks - and I'll build it and put it into my world. If we do it right, we can interact with them every stream!

Also a shinier Discord role, an ingame statue that you can request holding an item I can craft, and my eternal thanks.

per month
I love 3d printed objects, and have a mini-minecraft print of Generrosity on the server shelf. If you stick with it, I'll 3d print something and send it to you, too! Neat!

I would get a 3d print of your minecraft model to sit with my avatar, and show it off to the world in a stream. And all the previous tiers too.




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About generrosity

Hello generous people - Welcome to Waffleton!

I am enjoying hosting and building a customized instance of Fool Craft for kiwi based minecrafters. I am also creating a compelling story, content, and themes for the server, starting a community project, and broadcasting and YouTubing my progress as a admin and creator as I go.

Outside of this, I work as a server admin, and love to make things easier to access and more relevant to use.

Join me on the journey! You can get involved in many ways, get on the Discord server for the community, build the story of the city, and kick interesting life into the world. Be part of the story that I am weaving, and spark some ideas with us!

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Getting off the group - I would be over the moon if anyone chose to support me! 
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